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Haircutting & Styling

Each of our designers has been specially trained to create hair designs customized to your individual bone structure and facial features. From color and cut to styling, our designers can create a look for all occasions that is “individually you.”

Shampoo, Cut & Style 66 & up

Let our expert technicians create, shape, and refine an ideal look for you.

Wash & Style 44 & up

Smoothing/Curling on above services 20 & up

Formal Styling 92 & up


Each tone is pure and clear with lots of shine. Our color creams provide excellent gray coverage. It leaves your hair looking naturally soft and shiny. Choose from a wide selection of rich colors or let us create a custom color to complement your skin tone.

P.M. XG Color Application 102 & up
Utilizing dyesmarttechnology, condition your hair with optimal color coverage and UV protection.

P.M. The Color Application 92 & up

P.M. Shines Application 92 & up

P.M. The Demi Application 92 & up
Semi-opaque conditioning hair color offers rich results with optimal shine.

Aveda Full Spectrum Color Application 102 & up
95% naturally derived, ethically sourced color offers environmentally friendly coverage that provides healthy, shiny results that never fade.

Aveda Demi+ Color Application 102 & up

Platinum Root Application 102 & up

Full High/Low Light 139 & up

Partial High/Low Light 108 & up

Full High/Low Light & Root Color 164 & up

Partial High/Low Light & Root Color 133 & up

Balayage Single Process 164 & up
Hand painting dimensional color technique creates perfectly blended color with fewer salon visits.

Balayage Double Process 204 & up

Brow or Lash Tinting 30 & up

Prelightening 46 & up

Toner 34/ea

Corrective Color* na

*Consultation required

Extra Bowl of Color/Lightener 19/ea

Perms & Relaxers

Defy fate by remaking hair’s texture into your own image. Today’s permanent waves and relaxers create kinder and gentler ways to subtly or seriously change hairs natural behavior without damage.

Perms 97 & up

Keratin Smoothing Treatment* 267 & up

Non-Thermal Relaxer 112 & up
Ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, unperming ends, and controlling frizz.

Thermal Relaxers* 502 & up

*Consultation required

Strength & Shine Treatments

Delight your hair, scalp, and senses with any one of our specialty hair treatments. 

Olaplex Bond Repair 48
Olaplex’s three-step system prevents and rebuilds broken hair bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.

Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment 48

Awapuhi Hydratriplex Treatment 48

Awapuhi Kera/Hydra Combo Treatment 68
Put strength and moisture back into your hair with this treatment that hydrates and replenishes keratin simultaneously.

MarulaOil Intensive Treatment 48

Pramasana Scalp Treatment 38

Pramasana Scalp & Hair Treatment 48
Beautiful hair is rooted in your scalp. Gently and deeply detoxify your scalp leaving a refreshed foundation for your hair.

T-3 Scalp Experience 38

Deep Conditioning Treatment 38

Clear Gloss Color Treatment 38