Harriet Wise is a “project-oriented” photographer. She likes to think that her work will make a difference. In the past year she has worked for the Historic American Engineering Record in Louisiana, photographed the Monocacy River for the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Project and product photography for Maryland Life. In addition to her annual Bach Calendar, she has accumulated 30 years of images about a pond in New Hampshire. Her portrait clients are both residential and commercial.

As a member of Tourism, The Historical Society, The Chamber of Commerce, and an Honorary Board member of the Frederick County Friends of Rural Roads, Harriet is involved in the County. She resides and owns a studio in Frederick.

She can be reached by phone at 301-606-6321 or by email at harrietwise@comcast.net.

“… photography is essentially problem-solving … either creating the right light or finding it … It is a continually interesting search …”