Pulsed Light Therapy

Pulsed light therapy has long been recognized as the standard of care for the removal of blood vessels and brown spots. At The Cosmetic & Skin Surgery Center, we have been proud to offer pulsed light therapy in Frederick for the past 10 years.

If you have stubborn blood vessels that are small and look like ‘cobwebs’ or red lines, you may be interested in our Anti-Redness Therapy.

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If you have brown spots or ‘age spots’, you may be interested in our Astanza 532 Laser Treatment.

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*Medicine is not an exact science and individual results may vary.

It took me a long time to get my thoughts together to write a proper review about my surgery and Dr. To, but I am finally ready. Dr. To is amazing! It will be 2 years in May 2018 that I had my mini face and eye lift. I am so happy that I had it done. The results are beautiful. There was very little pain and no scarring! No one believes that I am 64 years old and I like looking at myself in the mirror again since the surgery, which I had avoided for a long time beforehand. The doctor, as well as the office and nursing staff are excellent, caring, and supportive professionals who answered all my questions, helped me understand what the procedure would involve and what to expect afterwards. I was absolutely pleased with the results and have never regretted having had the surgery. I will be forever grateful to Dr. To and his staff. God bless you all for the wonderful work that you do

- R.R.

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Rosacea and redness in the face are gone in a snap with our Broad Band Light (BBL), Pulsed Light (IPL), Vbeam® Perfecta Laser (PDL) Pulsed-dye laser and GentleMax Pro™ Laser (GPL).

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Your skin will have a more even complexion and look less dark and spotty. Just one Astanza® 532 laser treatment can remove the majority of brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

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